Caerwys and the Attack of the Clones

With last years’ threat of losing the Caerwys Post Office, local businesses fought back, with the help of the Welsh Assembly to not only keep the Post Office but also spearhead an online Local Business Directory to encourage people to realise what’s on their doorstep!

Caerwys Post Office has now been revamped and is situated in Morgan’s Pori Gwych Butchers and Deli – shop whilst you wait in line for the post office! 

Losing Caerwys Post Office would have meant much more than simply losing a service – it would have led to the loss of a sense of community and local character. All too often, local shops are losing out to the out of town clone shopping centres and huge supermarkets. People are brainwashed into believing they are more convenient and cheaper than shops and services on our doorstep. Will’s News proves that this is not the case with amazing wine offers that beat the large supermarkets hands down.

What could be more convenient than shopping locally? Although Caerwys is the smallest town in Wales, it has a surprising number of unique independent shops and services. These services are an integral part of the distinctive character of the area. Our tourism industry benefits from this – when people go on holiday they seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being somewhere special. Independent shops and services keep traditional products alive.

Download the Caerwys Local Leaflet here >>>>